Design Services

We are committed to providing the technical services you need to ensure that the Engineered Wood Products specified are a perfect fit for your project. Snavely’s Engineered Wood Technical Team consists of an experienced and knowledgeable staff that will help identify the optimal Engineered Wood Products suitable for the specific conditions of your project. Here is a sampling of what we can offer at each of our sales locations:

  • Clear, comprehensive placement layout plans for I-Joist, LVL/LSL, Glulam and TrimJoist.
  • Software that can generate calculations for all Engineered Wood Product members
  • Product training for Customers & Builders in your office or in the field
  • Sales assistance for when you need just a little bit more expertise to get the order
  • I–Joist and beam sizing for roof and floor systems
  • Product lists and estimates are competitive and turned around quickly

Each location has an email address where plans can be forwarded for fast and efficient estimates.

Inventory Management (WMS)

When it comes to Inventory Management, Snavely Forest Products takes the lead. With our abilities to provide all regional markets with the highest fill rates of the products we carry as well as our down stream forecasting, we can assist you with your inventory management needs.


At Snavely Forest Products we take the logistics function to a whole new level. From tracking your orders through production and transit, to special delivery options, to guaranteed delivery days we will deliver to you what you want, when you want it, and where you want it.

Marketing Support

Snavely Forest Products has developed industry leading, local sales teams and highly-qualified, product specialists. These teams are the catalyst for product development, dealer development, and product support. You will find the them uniquely qualified to assist you in all of your product sales and support.