Snavely Forest Products, a member of the MacArthur family of companies, is 100% employee owned company via its Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) and has an outstanding suite of employee benefits.  ESOP gives employees an ownership stake in the value & success of the company.

We believe a company cannot rise above its people.  Our goal is to recruit and retain honest, hardworking, competent individuals.  We encourage our team of employee-owners across the United States to visualize themselves as part owners of a business much like if you owned a farm or apartment building in partnership with members of your family.

All shareholders at Snavely Forest Products are not faceless members of an ever-shifting crowd, but rather co-owners who have entrusted their time, effort and career into what may likely be their largest financial asset.  We measure our success by the long-term progress of our company rather than by month-to-month movements.


Founded in 1902, Snavely Forest Products is a recognized leader in the wholesale lumber and building products industry, delivering superior material, exceptional service and market expertise to customers both near and far.

Our customers are among the finest professional and do-it-yourself retailers, including independent dealers, home centers, door and window shops and moulding & millwork manufacturers.

Since our founding, our goal has been, and continues to be, to provide our customers access to the best building products. As a result of our international relationships with manufacturers across the globe, we are able to offer our domestic customers the very best of the world’s building materials – at competitive prices.

Snavely’s commitment is “Building Business for Our Partners”. This dedication is translated and embedded in all that we do.  Beginning with our recruiting efforts to attract best-in-class talent, optimizing the latest technology in all functional areas of our business, and by delivering value-added solutions to our customers.  Snavely has become a reputable and trustworthy competitor as we have brought meaning to truly “Building Business for Our Partners.”

In addition, Snavely has thoughtfully aligned with the best supplier partners in the industry.  Through these long-standing relationships, we are able to offer the most relevant products to our customers every day.  These same vendor partners produce the highest quality product lines that are manufactured with superior engineering, competitive price points, and with sustainability and environmental standards in mind.

Building Business for Our Partners

Snavely Forest Products has been an industry leader in building products distribution since 1902. We are a multi-regional distributor of Specialty Building Products. Our dedication to recruiting and training the best and the brightest and utilizing technology has established Snavely as a reputable supplier. Our mission is bringing business to our customers and suppliers by introducing and developing new products as well as an array of value added services. Our commitment is “Building Business for Our Partners”.

For any additional information on how we can serve you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Shareholder Spotlight

“SFP has given our team every tool we and our customers need to succeed. Let’s be great today!”

Devon Todd, Houston

“I love all the great people that work at Snavely. People are helpful and it is nice to be part of a team that is willing to help and explain.”

Georgina Franiok, Denver

“Having joined SFP directly out of college, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have spent my entire career with such a great company. Great people are the hallmark of our company and I am honored to have worked with so many!”

Mark Spargo, Headquarters

“I enjoy being able to do different tasks throughout the day. The people that are here make it interesting and fun.”

Pam Click, International

Trusted Partners