The Houston division took the opportunity to make things right with one of it’s top customers, Higginbotham Brothers, who had been experiencing inconsistency with deck color. As the problem became more apparent, the Houston team had to act swiftly as multiple deck and dock projects in the Lake Conroe area would be affected.

Devon Todd, Territory Manager and Grant Larson, Sales Manager, took matters into their own hands – literally – and began to physically sort out pieces of material that would meet the color standards of the builder and homeowner.

Over the course of 2 days, Devon and Grant sorted the boards and delivered them directly to the homeowner. Everyone, including Higginbotham, was very pleased.

Grant says, “this is a great testimony that hard work and dedication pays off. Devon Todd and the Houston team proved that superb service is not limited to out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. It can be incorporated into everyday challenges.”

What the customer said….

I just wanted to reach out with a BIG THANK YOU for all you and team SNAVELY has done. Devon has gone above and beyond the call working through these customer issues. Thank you for all Snavely does to help us be successful!

Kenney Taylor, Higginbotham Brothers